Negative SEO That Most SEO Agency Make

I’m not gonna pinpoint agencies here but then I’ll help those people that wants help on promoting business online to have this knowledge in what SEO Agencies out there are doing wrong.

Using Fake Names and Identity


I’ve been in this industry for almost 3 years and 7 months and this is the very first time I’m actually doing a blog with my real name in it. Yes, I’ve done a whole lots of profiles before with fake names and fake identities because that was what I was taught to do.

I didn’t know about SEO 3 years ago. I was applying for a web designer or web developer in a small outsourcing company and they said that there weren’t any available slots but they are hiring SEOs. I was undergraduate and greatly needed a job. So I decided to take a chance on it.

Back on the topic, at first I was using my real name but when someone saw my work and asked why am I using my real name I just said, why shouldn’t I? He just explained that we should hide our true identities and make a fake name with fake identity to make sure that we are targeting people in the country we are doing SEO.

It was really an outrageous idea but then I was a trainee so I did. Most of the SEOs I know work like that but it shouldn’t be like that. Everytime I do SEO, I always have to be another people which is really really hard.

Nowadays, I believe that to build trust and relationship is if you offer them a part of the real you. Giving your real name wouldn’t hurt you unless you’re doing the wrong thing. You know what I mean.

So start eliminating those habits and changing it to your real name or nickname and still making it available for others to know your real name. It took me 2 years to do it I hope you wouldn’t.

Not Having A Strategy


I once read a book that said:

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

I believe that was The Art of War.

I’m not implying that most SEO agency out there doesn’t have a strategy. But some really doesn’t have especially those who can’t stop linkbuilding a lot of links because they think it’s still working.

Well newsflash! The world of SEO has changed. The way you do linkbuilding now is very much different from last year. If you don’t know what to do I suggest you should read, stalk (in a hood way), and do what SEO experts has to say.

I am very proud to say that you can follow one of the best Filipino Online marketing strategist named, Jason Acidre. Another one is Will Reynolds which by the way is really an interesting speaker. Rand Fishkin is a great teacher and most of my methods came from him. Jon Cooper is this really cool kid that has a really cool blog about link building strategies. I can go on but there are a lot of people you should follow to be updated about the newest trends and news about SEO.

This year, both Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing became the biggest most effective marketing tool. Creating an Evergreen content and making it viral by sharing it is one tip I can share with you.

Promising Clients To Be In The First Page

Well again, I’m not saying that it can’t happen but you guys should make sure that your client know that search engine is like the numbers in the stock market or the weather.

We can only predict but we can never ever can say that this keyword/s will be in the first place in just 3 months and sounding like you are really certain that it will be in number 1 or even in the first place.

Come on! Make sure that you’re client knows the risks and of course the benefits SEO can do to their company. It’s really important that they know and that they understand.

You can make a Month by Month report of the websites progress from your first audit and the recommendations you’ve said to the current audit and the recommended items that were done.

I hope that businessmans around the world can read this and that they’ll really find this post helpful. Please know that whenever an SEO agency do SEO for your brand or website is that they carry your reputation and brand. Be careful what to choose and read reviews.


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