Goodbye Traditional Link Building, Hello Modern Branding!

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The world of SEO and it’s practices are constantly changing as the search engines where they cater to also changes. Recent changes of Google’s algorithm made the whole community change it’s old ways and ideologies to create a link. Other speculates that this recent changes is not the end of it, it’s merely the start of something more. SEO’s and their companies need to adjust to what they are doing and try to make a new strategy and approach on these new changes.

Brand Building is the New Link Building

One of the changes I suggest is to build your brand. If you make your brand like the big brands of today, it will also be as successful as they are now. It’ll be constantly talked about in social media, news, blogs, discussions and a lot more which is your aim should be because viral marketing is one sure fire way of making your brand be heard. Of course, you have to make sure before you make any branding efforts, you already have a great product and already have it tested and QA’d as much as possible to lessen the negative feedbacks from customers.

Brand Building Concepts

Modern Brand Building from Paul Isakson

Creating and building a brand also has changed in the past few years. Before it is all about campaigning. It is a great marketing effort to make but it also looses focus because you adjust to people’s need or want to hear so that they can buy your product. This hard marketing effort is for short term gains and it isn’t the one you want to do. In the slide, Paul discusses about how you should stop campaigning and start committing. “Committing is building your brandon core principles that never change” which is one concept you might see in big brands such as Coke and Nike (which is also presented in the slide.)

Superman Diorama
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Why You Need To Build Your Brand?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to make your brand stand out from the rest of the competition. One of these are high rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages), high traffic, a lot of customers, popularity, loyalty and of course ROI.

Ranking In SERPs

Come on! I know you’d like to see your brand on top of all those other websites. Dominating the search engine rankings is not a question in branding. A lot of us SEOs have seen Google’s SERPs favoring brands which is highly reasonable because that might be what users wants to see. Although it becames harder to promote unpopular websites in a way. But then if you become successful in branding, you might just have all the perks you want.

High Traffic / Customers = Popularity and ROI

Building a brand aims to gain a lot of customers or target audience visiting your website/blog, buying products/services to make your goal. Having a strong brand creates a lot of traffic (hence, having customers.) For starters, you might want to focus on targeting the right audience for your product. This way you can garner a lot of clicks and buys rather than wasting efforts to marketing strategies that only clicks and don’t buy.

If you have target your audience and build a strong brand amongst them. You can expect that with the right marketing strategies this efforts can lead to your brand being one of the popular ones in the niche. Having a popular brand don’t just create buzz in social media, news, and earn links which you don’t even have to make and a lot more. We all know being popular has its own perks.

Superman tattoo
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Brand Loyalists

Creating a strong brand don’t just create all the things I’ve mentioned earlier. It also creates brand loyalist who makes your efforts much easier because they themselves try to promote your product in everyway. For example, you know that there are a lot of people fighting over which is the best Apple or Android. These people are loyalist and try to say what kind of product these giants are. Of course, these are all opinions of users who tried their products.

We should also take this as something that they are comfortable of. For apple users, it’s the simplicity and eliteness of the product. Apple have a lot of features and most people don’t know about that. Android phones provides flexibility because it is open source, it also has a lot of features that are really great and handy for a person who is always-on-the-go.

Brand Ambassadors

Having a brand means having a brand ambassador. If you got a lot of employees, I suggest to talk to them and tell them that they are the very first brand ambassadors which is true. You need to have a strong team and make sure that these people are constantly promoting your brand either via word-of-mouth, online or social media.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Traditional Link Building, Hello Modern Branding!

    1. Hi Patrick! Thanks for reading my post. I think a really great product does all the talking. If we achieve a great product, let people know about it and they will do the promotion themselves. 🙂

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