How To Find Experts In Your Industry Using Topsy

Update Jan. 18, 2016: Apple shuts down Twitter analytics Topsy.


With the industry today, we all want to be on top of our game. One way to do that is to be as close as possible to those who are already in the industry for a long time. One that you can say that he’s already a veteran in that specific field. His works are all over the place and has a lot of followers in social media. But are you having a hard time searching for an expert in your industry? Don’t fret because there are ways to find an expert. One of which is using Topsy.

Topsy is basically a search engine that includes social search that has an ability to connect you to your twitter account. Social search engine is an easy description of how Topsy works. It has social analytics and can give you all the information you need about your social media account. One thing I like about it is that it’s free. Well you can buy their Topsy Pro Analytics for more detailed information but we’ll stick to their free tool.


Finding a good tool is hard to find. Let alone have it for free. I know I’m being selfish if I say “I hope this tool still be free for the coming years” but I really do wish it stays for free. It’s a helpful tool for those unfortunate SEOs and marketers who can’t afford to buy a paid tool.

Here’s some steps on how to find an expert in Topsy:

Go to Topsy Experts search at You can go directly to or go to the homepage at and click underneath the Topsy logo, “Experts” and it will just go to the experts search.


On the search box provided, type in your industry, keyword or topic that you want to focus on.


It will then give you a list of people in twitter that tweets about your given industry, keyword or topic.


You can click on their names and you’ll go to their Topsy profile page where you can see their information (their twitter profile description and location [if available]) and their tweets.

The good thing about topsy is that they also mention how influential is this expert is. You can see it on the left side of the Topsy Expert Profile page.

You can also see how many retweets they are getting in their tweets or having shared the same URL.


The next time you click on their name, you will be redirected to their twitter page. This way you can check how many people are following this expert.


That’s all for today. Let me know if it helped you guys by commenting below and sharing it to your social media accounts. Don’t forget to mention me @iamcesspadilla so I can reply 🙂




Image Credits:
Martin Vidner and glasseyes view

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